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Wicked Winemakers First Label: Ridge's Release Paperback Object Cover

Wicked Winemakers First Label: Ridge's Release Paperback Object Cover

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A charming billionaire winemaker with a broken heart.

An assistant DA who's sick of the men interfering in her cases.

And the WICKED WINEMAKER’S auction that changes everything...


My family started Ridge Winery, so I’m no stranger to getting what I want. But, I was shot down, turned down by a woman I thought was mine. That’s old news now, though. Water under the bridge. I’m not one to wallow or get discouraged, not my style, not my thing. This auction is everything I tried to avoid, and everything I needed. But, I’m determined to make the sassy DA see me in a new light. Let’s just see how WICKED it’s really going to get…


I don’t care how irresistible they are. The so-called good guys shouldn’t be butting into our cases. This isn’t a game of cops and robbers. This is real danger and real lives are on the line. But when it’s my life that hangs in the balance, there’s only one man I trust, one man who can save me. And believe me, he’d climb to the top of the RIDGE to protect me. 

- Signed or unsigned Paperback copies available!

Exciting, sexy story from start to finish. Just what I have come to expect from this amazing author. —Five-star reviewer

Noah and Sera’s story will have you longing for more and unable to put the book down. Heather Slade will emerge you in her world and you won’t want to leave as you try to devour every word she writes. Excellence at its finest! —Five-star reviewer

Lots of actions, plenty of romantic tension, a bit of family mysteries and a satisfying climax made this a great read! —Five-star reviewer

Grab this heartbreaking tale of things you just might not know, help where you’re not sure it will be and finding the love of your life when you don’t expect it. An all of the feels love story with twists and turns. I loved it! —Five-star reviewer

Wow, this book had it all! The romance between Noah and Seraphina was magical and suspenseful. Their ups and downs while looking for her sister where Noah was always there for Seraphina and her fighting the attraction was written so amazing! —Five-star reviewer

To watch the chemistry go from dislike to love between Noah and Seraphina was astounding. So much storyline was packed into this single book between revenge, human trafficking, blackmail and ultimately loyalty and love that you can’t help read the book in a single sitting. —Five-star reviewer

This is a great storyline. You can’t not love Seraphina and Ridge. Their story is a page turner. You get sucked in from the first page. A few tears, some suspense, family issues, and true love all wrapped up in this book. —Five-star reviewer

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