Collection: K19 Allied Intelligence Team One

K19 Allied Intelligence, a covert paramilitary operations unit, is the world’s most secretive, deadly, and lowest profile special ops organization. When innocent lives are threatened, this team has the strength and intelligence to save them.

Countries are under attack while innocent lives are being taken. People are disappearing as crime and drugs are running rampant. Nobody is safe from the malicious cartels infiltrating the countries worldwide. As the K19 Allied Intelligence agents gear up for counterattacks, the war on trafficking ignites. With security threatened, our hope and lives are in the hands of the K19 Allied Intelligence team. Come hell or high water, these agents will battle anyone jeopardizing our safey and take down the enemy one by one. This five-book K19 spinoff series will take us from country to country as the men and women of Allied Intelligence battle vile criminals and ruthless villains, and bring us right back to the loving and warm arms of those we hold closest to your heart. Get ready for a perilous and passionate ride.