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K19 Allied Intelligence Team One: Code Name: Ares Audiobook

K19 Allied Intelligence Team One: Code Name: Ares Audiobook

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A man of honor.

A man of war.

Ares will battle for his country and for those he loves. 

They don’t call me “Ares” for nothing. I fight like hell for what I believe in, and I believe in fighting for what’s right. I will take down any enemy who threatens the good of our country—or any country. Human lives need to be protected and I’ll be damned if I sit by and watch anyone hurt another. 

When I encounter Margeaux, I know immediately she’s far from my “Nemesis.” Together, we’re going to destroy the enemy—we’re going to win this war. And when it’s over, we’ll get lost in each other’s arms.


"I absolutely loved Ares & Nemesis story. I couldn't put it down. Your wonderful characters brought this story to life. Thanks Heather for writing this wonderful book."

"When these two meet sparks ignite but both need to keep them hidden…except the more time they spend the harder that becomes. We see old friends, meet new ones, face the past, combined forces, eliminate traffickers but know more will follow…"

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