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The Unstoppables Team One: Furied Paperback Object Cover

The Unstoppables Team One: Furied Paperback Object Cover

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She’s a kick-ass attorney.

He’s a bouncer with a secret.

When they meet, their passion is UNSTOPPABLE.


That one hurt. Bruised the ego. He moved on—and I moved out. But, I’m no whining woman. I’ve got goals to crush, cases to win for the Invincibles, and other men to bed. All I need to do is take a deep breath and count to three. Or in this case, uno, dos, Tres. Meeting a hard-bodied, irresistible bouncer of Spanish descent just might chase away these blues.


My time’s running out. Soon, I’ll have to return home and face the chains of obligation that confine me. Then I meet her, and she changes everything. I want her—in every way. But, she can’t know the truth. She’s an attorney with laws to uphold. I can’t possibly let her down. After all, Hell hath no FURY like a woman scorned.

- Signed or unsigned Paperback copies available!


My New Favorite Couple!! Absolutely smokin’ hot!! A perfect blend of action and romance. This is scorching hot, with edge-of-your-seat action. Literally could not put this one down. -—Goodreads Five-Star Review

This enticing read gets this new series off to an impeccable start. I feel like I blinked and was firmly wrapped up in Tres and Ellison’s romance. Gripping, intriguing, genuine and consuming, this book and this couple are fierce and fantastic. —Amazon Vine Voice Review

Tres is “hotter than a ghost pepper…” The first part was so romantic and oh-so-very steamy. It’s by far this author’s steamiest book yet, with more love scenes than I could count. But more than just their physical relationship, their emotional connection was beautifully depicted and it was no surprise at all that their love story hit the ground running and never looked back. This is the perfect start to a new spin-off series and I loved every bit of it. —Goodreads Five-Star Review

Furied is the start of Heather Slade’s Unstoppable series, and let’s say she starts out with a hot bang! I am very excited to see how this series unfolds since the first was so good I couldn’t put it down. —Amazon Five-Star Review

Romance at it’s most extreme. From the unpredictable to the explosive Fury and Tres will not let you walk away. Heather Slade takes thriller up a notch and scores big.—Bookbub Five-Star Review


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