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K19 Security Solutions Team Two: Striker's Choice Paperback Discreet Cover

K19 Security Solutions Team Two: Striker's Choice Paperback Discreet Cover

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He’s a former CIA agent in love with a younger woman.

She’s confused and broken. 

With STRIKER by her side, is her heart more of a target than ever before?


I do whatever my team needs. I’ll protect and fight for them—no matter the cost. After I meet the alluring Aine McNamara at a wedding, I’m thinking about more than tying the knot. But when tragedy strikes, I know I’m needed elsewhere. Torn between saving her and protecting my country, the battle begins. 


I caved. I surrendered. I gave him my heart, and then he asked me to leave. I won’t let him break me. Not again. But when I need him the most, he’s right there, strong and secure, sympathetic and sure, reminding me, a life with STRIKER is all I want. 

While each book in the K19 Security Solutions series is a standalone with its own HEA, they may be more enjoyable read in order.

- Signed or unsigned Paperback copies available!


So much is happening and I find it refreshing that this author has a way of telling her stories that makes it easier to follow along instead of getting lost. When I am in a K-19 Security Solutions book, I’m deeply engrossed in the story. I love it and I look forward to more! –Goodreads Review

This action-packed book has a well written storyline and well-developed characters that as I turned each and every page I felt like Striker and Aine jumped from the pages and pulled me right into their storyline as it unfolded! –Five-Star Barnes and Noble Review

A fantastic suspenseful, love story. . . Heather Slade has created yet another suspenseful, passionate story with wonderful characters that readers will fall in love with all over again. Striker is a passionate, thriller readers will be reading long through the night unable to put down. –Barnes and Noble Review

Suspense, intrigue, sexy times, lots of action that keeps you on the edge of your seat and wanting the next book in the series...right now! –Amazon Five-Star Review

I loved the way this story unfolds, the suspense, the drama, the hold your breath waiting. . . I really can’t wait for the next book in this series. –Carol Kittie Reviews (


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