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K19 Security Solutions Team One Audiobook Bundle

K19 Security Solutions Team One Audiobook Bundle

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Rugged. Dangerous. And mouth-wateringly sexy. They’re the protective and powerful partners of K19 Security Solutions. With bold and beautiful women by their side, our country is safe, sound, and secure.

Introducing the daring and dangerous private intelligence agency, K19 Security Solutions. In this three-book boxed set, these men will battle external enemies and internal passions to protect each other—and the women they love. Slade will span the globe from plane crashes, kidnappings, and destroyed missions to bring you right back where you belong—into the arms of your hero. But which one of these irresistible men will melt your heart? Only the men of K19 Security Solutions can solve that mystery.


He’s a fiercely loyal and determined alpha vying for a second chance. She’s been broken and betrayed, But with RAZOR by her side, no cut is too deep. Book Two:


He’s former military falling for the enemy. She’s a Russian spy who wants out of the game. With GUNNER by her side, she can finally take her shot.


This holiday, give the gift of surprise, laughter, danger, and passion. Give yourself the joy of MISTLETOE'S MAGIC.


Edge of your seat suspense, hold your breath action and lots sizzle make this a page turning read. --Amazon Five-Star Reviewer

Suspense, danger, intrigue and espionage along with a love story! Oh my! I couldn't put it down!--Goodreads five-star reviewer

I can't get enough of Heather Slade's books...she takes us on a romantic adventure that is sure to please...a true getaway!--Amazon Reviewer

Swoon. A fabulous slow-burn romance between our hero and a kicka$$ Zary!--Goodreads five-star reviewer

. . . amazing over the top storyline and plot, there's love, passion, action, adventure, twists and turns, and more twists and more turns to keep you glued to the pages from begging until the end.--Five-star Reviewer

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