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K19 Allied Intelligence Team One: Code Name: Magnet Paperback Sexy Cover

K19 Allied Intelligence Team One: Code Name: Magnet Paperback Sexy Cover

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A man of attraction.

A man full of lure and connection.

Magnet is the brawn behind the brains—and impossible to resist.

I’m more than muscle and mastery. I’ve got more than just my head in the game. These people need me for protection, sanctuary, and I’m not going to lie, for retaliation and redemption too.

But there’s something about this particular “suspect,” that has me on high alert. Suspicious? Maybe. Sexy? Definitely. If I have to take her down, I will. Something tells me, though, there’s more to her than meets the eye—and I’m going to get to the bottom of it. 

If there’s one thing I know, it’s power and attraction. This is one connection we’ll never relinquish.

While each title in the K19 Allied Intelligence Team One Series is a standalone featuring one couple with their own HEA, the books in the series may be more enjoyable read in order.


Heather Slade is a master of details! I admit I cannot always keep up with her but her stories are awesome and the intrigue and mystery are unsurpassed. I love the love stories that are weaved into these very interesting tales and Magnet and Schon certainly did not disappoint. I enjoyed watching Schon find her confidence and her footing among such an elite group of agents and watching Magnet lose himself to her was awesome. Such a great ending to another great mystery!

K19 Allied Intelligence Team One had everything. Each story brought more intrigue, heart pounding moments and the incredible chemistry of these characters. Can’t wait to start the next series.

The climactic end of this series was an excellent read, with a surprise twist you won't see coming! Heather Slade never fails to bring an exciting story to life.

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