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Cowboys of Crested Butte: A Cowboy's Kiss Paperback Object Cover

Cowboys of Crested Butte: A Cowboy's Kiss Paperback Object Cover

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A tortured cowboy trying to move on.

A city girl stuck in holiday humdrum.

Two competitive, alpha brothers vying for her attention.

Will she kiss one cowboy goodbye?


Jealous and destroyed is a hard way to live; I know it. But my brother betrayed me once, he’d do it again. I can’t trust him with her, and she’s all I want. After the pain of the past, she’s the first to give me hope, give me excitement. But when he moves in, I know one thing: they can all kiss this cowboy goodbye. 


Crested Butte, Colorado is the last place I want to be. But, the other choice was worse. Home alone—for the holiday. Suddenly, Thanksgiving just got a lot spicier. Not one but two irresistible and mouthwatering cowboys, with bodies and charm that don’t quit, are battling to get me into the saddle, and into their beds. But these brothers have a secret, a secret that could start a war, tear their family apart. Now, I’m in the middle, torn between passion, desire, and pain. One look, and I’m saying it all over again, "Give me a kiss, cowboy."

While each book in the Cowboys of Crested Butte series is a standalone with its own HEA, they may be more enjoyable read in order.

- Signed or unsigned Paperback copies available!


Loved this book, it had something for everyone—secrets, love and complications. . . This is a story with a whole lot of chemistry and twist and turns you will be holding on to the edge of your seat. —Goodreads Five-Star Review

Yee haw, boy howdy, yippee ki yay, this is one passionate, evocative, emotive ride! Ms. Slade has outdone herself! . . . this deeply emotional, poignantly tender and delightfully satisfying read is sure to please! —Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

This series just keeps getting better! The emotional level of this is still up in the 10 range. . . This is another book I just couldn’t put down—picking it up and reading a little more every time I could. The best one yet! Can’t wait for more! —Amazon Five-Star Review

This series just gets better and better. Jace and Tucker both are attracted to Blythe but who will she chose? This story is full of drama, tension, romance and action. Once again, another great book and well worth reading. —Goodreads Review

I absolutely loved this emotional rollercoaster of a book, with all its crazy loops and turns and speeds. My feelings were definitely engaged. The characters and the storyline were so well developed. . . This book fit in so well with the others in the series. —Five-Star Amazon Review

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