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K19 Shadow Operations Team One Audiobook Bundle

K19 Shadow Operations Team One Audiobook Bundle

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K19 Shadow Operatives
Target: Fiery and powerful women
Mission: Save the innocent and capture the hearts of the women who ignite them

This three-book boxed set is a spinoff from the uber-popular K19 Security Solutions Teams One and Two series and takes readers into the darker depths of security and espionage.

The Shadow Operatives are sexier, stronger, and more dangerous than any of the rugged, alpha heroes you've encountered before.

Code Name: Ranger
Target: Maisie Ann Jones
Mission: Uncover the whereabouts of a smart, sexy spitfire

Code Name: Diesel
Target: Bryar Davies
Mission: Use intelligence to ignite the fire of the sexiest FBI agent I’ve ever met.

Code Name: Wasp
Target: Swan Lee
Mission: Prove once and for all that swans mate for life.

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