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Butler Ranch: Kade's Return Paperback Discreet Cover

Butler Ranch: Kade's Return Paperback Discreet Cover

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He’s a former Marine with a deadly vendetta. They call him fearless and frightening. Fatale calls him dangerous and desirable. We call him Kade Butler.

When M16 agent Merrigan “Fatale” Shaw rescues the presumed dead Kade Butler from captivity, all he wants is to avenge the enemies who threaten his family. Teaming up, Merrigan and Kade search for hidden documents that will expose everything. As peril intensifies and the Russians close in, their desire ignites.

Her mission was clear: go undercover to infiltrate a Russian organization. But when the MI6 agent discovers that two former CIA operatives are being held captive, rescuing them becomes paramount for her.

Torn between passion and duty, Kade and Merrigan are determined to protect their hearts. Will Merrigan realize there is only one man she’ll risk her entire career for: Kade Butler?

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Intrigue, suspense, romance and sizzle with lots of surprises! So many complications, so much intricately woven suspense, lots of sizzling heat and much more! I loved the way Heather took this series from the sabotage of the vineyards to a complicated tale of international suspense. All leading into to her K19 series! --Carol, Amazon Reviewer

Very entertaining, well written, believable characters , story zipped along and held interest. My kind of book! --Anasta, Amazon Reviewer

I loved how Heather Slade put all the elements of suspense, mystery, action and thriller in one explosive book. What I loved was how the story was delivered and executed. Kudos to Slade for this one helluva series! --Coffeeholic Bookworm

Kade and Merrigan's story is packed with drama, humor, sizzle, action and suspense. I enjoyed this book and this series and look forward to reading more from Heather Slade in the future.  --BookBub Reviewer

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